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Connecting Rods, Gage Plates, Extension Plates & Full-Switch Layout Packages

Product Overview

Apex Rail Automation manufactures everything from a single connecting rod or gauge plate assembly to full switch rod packages for power switches (single point, double slip, and equilateral turnouts), hand throws and helper rod assemblies. Examples of rodding packages include:

  • Operating rods
  • Switch and Basket Rods
  • Lock Rod Connecting Rods
  • Point Detector Connecting Rods
  • Switch Circuit Controller Connecting Rods
  • Gage Plates
  • Extension and Saddle Plates

Forged Reliability

We use forged connecting rods, front rods, & switch rods (engineered to meet AREMA standards) that are machined and assembled to meet railroad customer specification. With our extensive engineering capabilities, we ensure that all components meet the customers switch layout standards and all components have the proper fit and function.

Custom Engineering

Our on-site engineering staff custom design connecting rods, front rods, switch rods and gage plates/extension plates to meet customers’ specific switch layout standards. 3D Modeling Technology is used to verify that all components have proper fit and function.

 ComponentPicture Function
Switch Circuit Controlling Connector Rodsswitch circuit controller connecting rodConnects a switch circuit controller to the point of the switch for position monitoring.
Operator Throw RodsConnects the VSM-24 operating bar on the switch machine to the vertical rod at the switch machine.
Point Detector Barspoint detector barLocated inside the VSM-24 this bar slides back forth inside the machine as the points move. It operates rollers connected to the ICC pivot point position.
Point Detector Connecting Rodsvsm-24 switch point detector connecting rodConnects the VSM-24 switch machine internal point detection bar to the point of the switch for monitoring switch point position.
Lock Rod Connecting Rodslock rod connecting rodConnects to the front rod on the switch points to insure the points remain in position until the switch is requested into another position.
Switch & Basket Rodswitch and basket rodConnects the two points of the switch insuring tandem movement and provides a connection point for the switch machine connecting rod.
Front Rodsfront rodsConnects to the front of both switch points and insures both move in tandem and provides a connection point for the lock rod and point detection rod.
Lock Rodsadjustable lock rodLock rods are internal to the VSM-24 and locks the switch machine in place once it has reached the desired position.
Gage Platesgage platesLocked on the switch machine head block ties to the maintrack track gage.
Saddle & Extension Platessaddle and extension platesAttaches to the gage plates to provide easier switch mounting and less switch movement.