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VSM-24 Mainline Switch Machine

Replacement for the Hitachi M-23 Switch

Product Overview

The VSM-24 electro-mechanical mainline switch machine is a full OEM direct drop-in replacement for the Hitachi M-23 switch. The VSM-24 is a competitive alternative for one of the most common switch machines in North America.

The VSM-24 is normally operated by electric motor, but it also has dual-control capability including hand throw and selector levers to allow manual operation. The VSM-24 also contains our improved Indication Circuit Controller (ICC), which has an indication design to provide lost motion of .010” or less.

The VSM-24 mainline switch machine components are completely interchangeable for use in OEM controllers eliminating the problem of having replacement components (OEM or Apex or Vossloh) that are not compatible.

VSM-24s are assembled per customer specifications, such as motor voltage requirements, gear ratios, wiring configurations, etc.

VSM-24 Mainline Switch in the Field

Key Components

  1. Hand Throw Lever
  2. Indication Circuit Controller (ICC) Compartment
  3. Motor Compartment
  4. Gear Box
  5. Switch machine Body
  6. Selector Lever
  7. Switch Operating Bar
  8. Point Detection and Locking Rod
VSM-24 Switch Numbered

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