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Modular Yard Automation (MYA)

Product Overview

The Modular Yard Automation (MYA) suite of products is designed to help railroads improve railyard safety and efficiency by replacing hand-thrown switches with our powered TS-4500 switch machines and accompanying RailMaster™ railyard control software.

Our combination of software, electronics and switches linked together allows users to remotely control, route and monitor railyard switches. MYA includes functionalities such as switch position indication, zone occupancy detection, and remote switch control from a central or decentralized location.

MYA system are scalable through its modular design. Modules can be added and expanded in the future on an “as needed” basis. MYA can be implemented in new rail projects as well as easily installed over existing tracks without requiring significant infrastructure upgrades.


MYA Components

MYA systems typically include a combination of our TS-4500 hydraulic powered switch machines, electronic control modules, and our proprietary RailMaster™ railyard control software.

Communications & Protocols

MYA’s flexible communication solution conforms to the needs of your railyard with both wired and wireless controls. MYA features radio remote control (e.g., DTMF, Data Radio) capable of throwing switches throughout the railyard including from the cab of a locomotive.

MYA utilizes “Genesis” as a standard serial protocol. Solutions include eNtrance/eXit (NX) systems, DTMF remote control and automated flat yard switching.

MYA also offers derail control with name and trade event logging necessary to satisfy Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements.

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