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Switch Point Slider

Problem: Gapped Switch Points

Switch failures are the #1 cause of train delays on all railroads. Approximately 90% of these failures are due to the switch point circuit controller indicating that the switch point is “out of correspondence” or “gapped”.

What causes this? “Running rail” is the primary culprit and is caused by the expansion and contraction of the switch points due to thermal variation as well as everyday train traffic. This causes the point detection rod to pull or push on the ICC and indicate “out of correspondence” thus stopping train traffic.

Another contributing factor to the switch failures is the switch rods or basket becoming lodged on the ties when it is jammed against it from the expansion and contraction of the points. This results in damaged ties, insulation and spring/center baskets. This also contributes to internal switch machine damage and excessive force needed to throw the switch.


Solution: Switch Point Slider

Our patented Switch Point Slider system addresses the one of the primary causes of train delays. Ambient air temperature changes cause expansion and contraction of mainline switch rail points. The expansion and contraction of the rail points change the geometry of the switch layout resulting in the switch being unable to correctly detect the position of the points. This results in stoppage of trains as well as requires a maintenance crew to go out and re-adjust the switch so that it properly detects the rail points.

The Switch Point Slider system actually allows the points to move freely and independently while maintaining perfect geometry of the rods to the switch machine. The counter beveled sliders compensate for the taper of the switch point as it moves, thus eliminating inward and outward movement of the point detection and operating rods.


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