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Product Catalog (PDF)

Learn about our comprehensive product offerings by downloading the latest Product Catalog (PDF) including 219 pages of photos, illustrations and descriptions organized by category.

What We Do

Rail Yard Automation

Our yard automation solutions are modular–build as you go–and turnkey including hydraulic switches, controls, kiosks, software, communications and more. Learn more about Modular Yard Automation (MYA).

Switch Controls & Signaling

We have the most complete offering of switch control machines for your mainline track, yard, and dark territory including self-adjusting switch control for the harshest environments.

Design & Engineering

Need a solution that works just for you, talk to us about custom engineering solutions for your rail needs.

Featured Products

TS-4500 Hydraulic Yard Switch Machine

TS-4500 hydraulic switch machine features a direct drive that maximizes the available power for throwing any size switch point. This innovative design features numerous efficiencies, such as minimal linkages and sealed bearings that ensure reliability, minimize maintenance and lower the cost.

TS-4500 switch

Modular Yard Automation (MYA)

The Modular Yard Automation system (MYA) enables a railroad to implement scalable automated solutions to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency in your rail yard application.

FAS-PAS Dark Territory Switch

The patented FAS-PAS is a safe, cost effective mainline switch control solution for Dark Territory. With FAS-PAS, the locomotive sends a request to query (or throw) the switch machine while on the approach, from up to two miles in advance of the siding.

FAS-PAS Signal

Quality & Reliability Are Everything to Us​

Quality is everything to us. That’s why we invest in our people, our training, and our equipment. For more than 15 years we have been certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). We take pride in our M-1003 Certification as the highest standard of quality for manufacturing railroad infrastructure. Apex Rail Automation also satisfies the FTA Special Trackwork requirements.

NEW: Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) Railcar Tracking

Apex Rail Automation entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Softrail, Inc. to develop a low-cost AEI solution for railyards. By adding railcar tracking you can get real-time railcar information and location as you move cars around your facility. You can use the railcar tracking database to search for any particular railcar and determine its location in the railyard and position on the track.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of Railroad Infrastructure

We are proud to work with the industry leading government agencies and railroad industry associations to build and maintain critical railroad transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Re-Manufacture VSM-24 Switch Machines

Apex Rail Automation re-manufactures switch machines, circuit controllers and switchman buffers. Apex provides re-manufactured products that either meet, or exceed, the original OEM specifications. Apex re-manufactured products have the same fit, function, longevity and appearance of new equipment, at a significantly lower price.

vsm-24 switch machine after re-manufacture